Why to use digital signatures?

Are you still taking the print out of the documents and send to the concerned person to get them signed in a sealed envelope? Or do you sit in front of the fax machine to send the documents to the person sitting on the other end to get them signed? These are really annoying and time taking for the business people to get the documents or contract papers signed. However, with the advent of digital signatures the hassle that people face of sending the documents is totally reduced. Ideally, people think digital and electronic signature (assinatura eletrônica) to be the same, but there is a thin line of difference between these two signatures. In electronic sign, the handwritten signature is scanned whereas in digital signature, the signature and the data sent via digital medium use cryptographic operation to authenticate the signature. The encryption technology provides an audit trail to make sure that the data was not tampered all through the transition process. This digital signaturefor documentsoffers a great peace of mind for both senders and recipients while assuring a faster document transfer.

Reasons of why digital signatures should be used
Quick transactions and quality customer service: Today, every customer wants the business to be done at a faster pace. You can make the business transactions swift by letting the customers to digitally sign and send the contracts through emails. This helps the company and improves the customer retention.
Reduce errors over paper based system: In the contract signing process, there would be a lot of errors encountered by the people due to signing on the papers at the wrong fields. When you enforce the contract submission process using freedigital signature, the errors would be totally reduced. The system will check the signature of the sender at every phase, thus making client transactions smoother and secure.
Maintain compliance: There would be a lot of discrepancies when paper based system is used. With digital signatures, you can easily audit the documents. In addition, you can check the transaction in every phase though the transaction has happened a few months ago.

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