Why environment impacts the treatment and recovery of young substance abusers

There are circumstances in a young adult’s life that can increase their chances of initiating drug or alcohol abuse. Circumstances such as entering college, enrolling in a new school, moving away from the family or community for the first time and starting a new job among other forms of transition can initiate drug and alcohol abuse. These circumstances are very important for loved ones and families to provide enough encouragement and constant support to the individual and talk to them about the possible risks of substance abuse and only consider admitting the individual at a young adult rehab facility as a last resort.

A high-stress of non-supportive environment combined with childhood trauma sometimes increases the chances that a young adult will use and abuse substances such as alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, prescription drugs,etc. The young adult will use these substances as a way of escape. While extended care for young adults is always available at many rehabilitation centers, it is always beneficial for families and loved ones to first understand the main causes that triggered the substance abuse problem in the individual. Also, the environment in which a young adult will return to after getting proper treatment can incredibly determine whether or not the person will return to abusing drugs or alcohol.

It is highly recommended that loved ones and families involved in the treatment and full recovery of a young adult should play a key role in supporting the individual during rehab and after rehab to minimize a potential relapse. Furthermore, loved ones and families, and the community, in general, should work together positively in impacting the recovery of young adults after treatment at an austin drug rehab. A supportive and positive environment will always be essential to the recovery of young adults. With proper support and environment, a young adult will be able to achieve full sobriety with no possibility of relapsing.

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