Types and Features of office stationery

Stationeries are writing materials used in offices. It’s a noun used to describe a mass of things. These can be papers, pens, envelopes; etc. It can include materials that aid in writing by hand or with the use of other equipment. stationery items are the most commonly used products in day to day working in an office.

Features of stationary in offices:
• These are most vital things to be found in any room setup whether small or big. Without them, its working will be disturbed. In any business office set up, it is the most important item to be purchased.
• Some of the items namely paper, pen, Pencils, files, envelopes, glue, pins, etc. are universally used stationery. In some case, specific items may be required.
• It cost very less as compared to other office items, like the table, chairs, computers, etc. But at the same time an essential item of any office setup.
• There are other various items which are not used for writing like scissors, pins, letter openers, staplers, punch machines, stapler removers, etc. which may also be included in the term stationery.
• There are many big enterprises which brand their stationeries. They may print their companies name and logo on it. This method of marketing to its customers who visit their offices.
• Devices such as telephones, fax machines, photo copy machines, or printers may also come under the term stationary.
• Today there is a lot of online websites selling office stationery. One can choose good quality of products online by just connecting to the internet. They are easily delivered at your door step.
In large offices, you may find a large cupboard full of stationeries stored for future use. This is known as bulk purchasing. This causes the reduction in cost and cost saving. They can be removed from cupboards when required. Many times stationery needs to be replaced as it can go through wear and tear.

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