Things You Must Know About Music Festival

The secret to packaging for edm festivals is not packing light- it is packaging in ways you can carry as much as possible to the campsite out of the vehicle or whatever people transportation you visit the event. Clearly a vehicle is better since you are able to pack more things, which makes you better educated and less reliant upon the overpriced stores, food stalls and pubs in the vicinity of the festival stadium.

The quantity you will want to package will change based on if you are in a 2 day, 3 night festival such as Blue festival or the isle of either White or alternative festivals such as Glastonbury or Reading and Leeds, that can be so that you may have to pack more food, beverage and toiletries.

Festival meals

Though meals in edm festivals is in ready supply and some of it is not too bad nowadays to save money we would recommend taking too much of your food as you can. Here is some thoughts- recall summer music festivals may get hot so new food would be to off fast if it is not stored cool.

Barbecues – flames are prohibited at all of the music festival campsites, even though this isn’t actually enforced as far at Glastonbury as many others such as V festival. Mobile and disposable BBQs are great idea because BBQ meals isn’t hard to cook along with the disposable ones that you can, of course, eliminate so that you do not need to take them home. Stick with some basic hamburgers and sausages, choose it frozen then keep it in a freezer with ice packs and it should remain fresh for 24 hours or so. Stay away from fish, poultry or cooked rice since these often have the worst results should you leave them out too long or do not cook them thoroughly before ingestion. Do not overlook that the tomato ketchup! You may also take some frozen bread and bacon to generate bacon sandwiches the very first morning .

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