The uses of ring light in the field of ring light photography

Ring light photography is the latest catch word in today’s photography world. It is a type of photography done by using rings lights fixed to the cameras. These are used to give out even light and to eliminate shadows. Ring lighted photography is undertaken by photographers who mostly shoot macro pictures. They are extensively used in the fashion industry for giving the models glamour’s look.

Uses of Ring Light in Photography:
• It can be used for subtle fill. The biggest use of Ring light photography is to create a subtle fill. The light comes 100% on- axis.
• They can be used for framing. Ring lights provide a perfect white circle of light. It can be used as a framing element while packing the lenses behind it.
• A fascinating way to use a ring light is to expose details on a hard light. Photographyin Ring lightcan be done to add details to the final photograph by using it as a fill.
• They may produce a unique shaped catch light. One needs to take care of the distance of the ring light and your subject. The closer the ring light the more prominent the catch light effect will be.
• In Ring light photography a ring flash can be used as a key light
• It can be used in macro photography. If one opts to photograph small things, then ring light photography is the best option. It can create softer lights with eliminating shadows in case of macro shots
• Another use of ring light in photography is to simply use it off camera and off axis as a small soft box.
Ring light photography is the most proffered type of photography. Most of the top photographers prefer to use ring lights in their cameras for precise and shadow less effect. Ring light photography is mostly used for macro shots.

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