The fine things in life

You deserved it
Who doesn’t want the fine things in life? We live in a world today where everything is a competition. We compete with the next person so that we can go one step ahead and come out on top. What is the purpose of this? In the end, the purpose of all the competition and all the running around is that we all want the best things that are available.

It might seem vain at first but there are certainly certain emotions and feelings that are felt when we talk about the finer things in life which is not obtained from anything else. Yes, we must feel lucky for whatever we have; like the food that we eat is even something that certain needy and malnourished children in some parts of the world done even get the basic proportions of, but to go to a five-star hotel and to have a delicious meal prepared by a celebrity chef has a feeling of satisfaction and fulfilment that cannot be rivaled by much else. The same applies for everything; travelling to exotic less known locales, buying the latest designer clothes, getting our hands on the latest electronic gadgets, buying the fastest cars, purchasing the most lavish mansions and also drinking the finest and best coffee ever made.
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