BeachBody Shakeology – Is It Worth The Money?

A customer recently emailed me and asked when I would start looking in the Shakeology UK product from BeachBody. For people who are not acquainted with Beachbody, this is the exact same firm that markets the favorite home work out DVD’s P90X, Insanity, and many others.
Let me to be sure I say right from the gate that I’m NOT a Beachbody coach and this isn’t some bogus sales letter disguised as a review.

As somebody with no vested interest or prejudice I am simply going to consider fixing the question that my customer (and I am sure lots of others) are asking…is it worth the money?

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The Shakeology UK is an accompanying sideline product for those individuals who are Team BeachBody coaches. The Beachbody Company is led by some fairly smart entrepreneurs and they have got quite a thriving business model. Got to tip my hat into that.

Just know that it’s probably the person who’s providing you with a sales pitch on Shakeology is likely a “Team Beachbody Coach” who clearly gets a commission for selling product.

This surely does not create the product good or bad, and I’ve nothing against someone boosting products which enhance health (and getting paid in the procedure. For example an affiliate/distributor for many product lines myself I earn commissions for products that I occasionally promote also.

How a product has been promoted and sold (retail vs independent digital reality, etc) is not all that important. If anything, I have discovered that the high quality products are usually sold out of conventional retail outlets.

The smaller businesses (or even bigger ones that opt to invest more money on research, production, and quality management) can not compete only on price against the bulk generated and frequently low-quality products that you’ll find on retail shelves, so that they search for other distribution procedures.

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