List of 2017s richest celebrities in the world

There are numerous celebrity net worth in the world that had always been paid high money for each film whether the film is a low budget film or the high budget film. This celebrity is always recognized as the popular celebrity in the world whether they would be from Bollywood or Hollywood. There are also various types of celebrity present in Bollywood whichis selected as the richest celebrity.

2017s list of the richest celebrities in the world.
In the richest celebrities’wiki, the following are the 2017s list which has also been recognized by Forbes and they are:
• Sean Combs – Sean Combs is listed as the 2017s richest celebrity his earnings is $130 million.
• Beyonce – She is listed as the 2017s second richest celebrity according to Forbes. She is a musician, and her earnings are $105 million.
• JK Rowling – JK Rowling is the famous director and a producer of the famous magical film with lots of adventure and mystery Harry Potter. Her earning is $95 million.
• Drake – Considered as the top male artist. Forbes has given him the 4th position of richest celebrity list. He is also an endorsement deal with the famous company Apple. His earnings are $94 million.
• Cristiano Rolando – he is considered as the famous footballer. He is a lifetime endorsement deal with Nike. He is mentioned as the top richest celebrity by Forbes. 3

Top 10 net worth of richest businessman celebrity
According to magazine Forbes Top 10 richest celebrity net worth businessman are:
• Michael Bloomberg – he is a businessman, politician, and philanthropist. His net worth income is $ 48.8 Billion.
• Rupert Murdoch – he is an Australian American Media Mogul, and his net worth income is $ 11.6 Billion.
• Donald Newhouse – he is a business magnate, and a philanthropist and his net worth income is $ 11.4 Billion
• Silvio Berlusconi – his net worth income is $ 7.38 billion.
• George Lucas – his net worth income is $ 6.39 billion.
• Ralph Lauren – his net worth income is $ 5.41 Billion.
• Steven Spielberg – His net worth income is $ 5.41 billion.
• Arnon Milchan – his net worth income is $ 5.4 Billion
• Summer Redstone – his net worth is $ 5.4 Billion
• Joao Moreira Salles – his net worth is $ 5.33 Billion.

How to become personal assistant of the celebrity?

Among number of people, there are some very famous people in the world who are known by a big strength. They have their own islands; helicopter etc. so becoming their personal assistant will not only make you aware of their lifestyle, but also it will provide you the chance of meeting other celebrities too. Believe me you will start living in a different world. Now what one should know in order to become the personal assistant of celebrity?

The lifestyle of the personal assistant of the celebrity is incredible. They are paid with high salary. They are provided with work like answering phone calls, arranging meetings, planning parties, replying to the mails of the fan etc. lets know about the process to become the personal assistant of the celebrity.
• First choose a type of field where you want to go
This depends on your interest that whether you want to become personal assistant of a politician, singer, dancer, actor, athlete, motivational speaker or a businessman. For this visit the site Here you can get a big number of celebrities of whom you can aspire to become their personal assistant.
• Multi talented
In order to become the personal assistant of a celebrity, you have to be multi talented. You should have little knowledge about many things. This includes the following: you should be internet-savvy, a technology competent person, one who can manage their personal finances, plan the meetings etc.
• Follow the celebrity
You should be well aware about the celebrity of whom you wish to become the personal assistant. Go and visit the site, it will help you in knowing about their lifestyle.
• Know about them
The next and the most important thing to be done is that you should know about the celebrity and also the other celebrities who are in his field or are his competitors or friends. Take the help of this site and have a look about many celebrities

Becoming the personal assistant of celebrity is definitely a wealthy job. Get the required abilities and get a chance in order to become the personal assistant of the celebrity you like. click here to get more information celebrity net worth.

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