Why is JSON used in the development of Mobile apps

You should always remember that, you should not use a technology just because there are a few biggies using it. Then, you must question why JSON? Though there are a lot of people calling JSON whois “lightweight.”, do you really know what does that mean? Have you ever tried understanding how whois api of JSON different from that of XML?

Know that the ratio of markup to content with JSON is far lower in comparison to XML which automatically makes it smaller reducing the complexity as well. This in turn has a greater impact on retrieving and reading the data easily as well. The load time is faster for the web pages and ultimately you would be able to send more data and faster than any other data formats. Hence, it becomes important that you use JSON whois.
Since JavaScript is the world’s most used programming language, it becomes easy to use JSON whois along with it because you already know that JSON whois api is a subset of JavaScript. This means that you do not have to learn another language or a formatting standard.
Example for a JSON code
You can use the readily available data from your JavaScript code when you are using JSON. You may have to parse the data and assign the variables using DOM APIs. Data from JSON can be retrieved from anywhere hence the ease of accessibility is higher in JSON. You can access the data from any domain without any proxy server complications. The usage of JSON is high on the mobile app development areas because of its compatibility and size.
This does not mean that XML is worthless; these arguments are made in order to showcase the strengths of JSON. Both the file formats have their strengths in their areas and can be used based on the skill set of a programmer.

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