How can you get rid of warts?

Warts are caused by human papilloma virus it is very necessary to find them and remove them quickly. This virus may cause many problems and can cause to other areas as well such process increase cells division and makes them proliferate rapidly. This virus can be transmitted through hands, touching and sexual contact from mother to child to getrid of warts first is you should have a good diet and try not to touch them again try to wash hand and wash the infected area with clean water.

The appearance of warts can also be caused by nails these warts are caused by a cut on the skin, by using a same razor. these viruses may cause cancer there are many ways to get rid of warts stop toughing. These warts with your hand avoid scratches from your hand try not to use any product which may increase these warts.
Ways to get rid of warts
• Aloe Vera use of Aloe Vera pulp may also help you to getrid of warts if you do not have plant try to use fresh aloe to use
• Garlic apply garlic paste mix it with water apply it on the affected area to get rid of warts
• Avoid hand try not to touch it with the hand as it may cause infection and may affect rest of the body parts as well
• Pineapple try put pineapple juice on the affected area it contains acid which helps you to get rid of all the warts

It is usually said that women are more prone to this disease than the men. Women usually have very high chances of getting the virus. Because of taking birth control pills that reduce immunity. Women’s get these diseases when there is disorder in body hormonal level. So, it is important to take right direction to getrid of warts.

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