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Website design has two essential items a graphic design and a website development design. Both are necessary to create a good website which attracts many visitors. All best web design companies engage the services of both graphic designers and website developers. Website developers deal with the technical side of the website designing; they are experts in the developing the applications for world wide web and network. They easily use application of HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) to link the website to the browsers. Apart from the use of HTTP some software packages are used by the web developers while creating a website. Five top software packages are, WS_FTP Pro, Note TabPro, Paintshop Pro, Dreamwaver and Putty.

Any website developer who is employed by a web design agency needs to have at least some knowledge of these software programs. NoteTabPro is a text editor; it supports HTML, Java and Javascript as well as Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML) and others. It has an interface that is tabbed and it also has HTML, libraries in ‘clipbook’ as well. NoteTabPro helps in changing and editing a web page. WS_FTP Pro is a tool which moves the files from the desktop or laptop to the server of your website. It uses HTTP as well as other transfer protocols to transfer files. This tool is used by many website developers.
A good website developers working for a best website design company, needs to have, apart from having working knowledge of all the tools mentioned above, also needs adequate knowledge in three areas as well. They need to have an advanced knowledge and skill in HTML/XHTML, CSS and Javascript, skills in programming, coding and scripting in the server side frameworks and ability to build architecture between server and client. Though there are no formal courses offered by the universities; there are many trade institutes and online websites which offer courses in web development.
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