Extended care for young adults: Cure the world of underage drinking

Today, alcohol can be bought anywhere and is aggressively promoted. Many people regard drinking as a part of growing up. But underage drinking is slowly reared its ugly head, gripping young life and crippling them, making extended care for young adults an alarming necessity.

Who drinks at that young age, you ask?
13-15-year-olds are the most susceptible to begin drinking. According to various studies, at least 30% of 12th graders participate in binge drinking more than twice a week. The gender gap is closing fast, with white students at the top of the inebriation pyramid.
Approximately 5000 students drop out of school due to alcoholism and binge drinking, and over 8000 alcohol-related accidents are reported each day in America alone. Alcohol rehab Austin Texas Studies show that adolescents who binge drink at least once a week grows up to have trouble concentrating, forming relationships, maintain employment, etc.
Risk factors- why they drink and what drives them
Researchers have developed various theories as to why adolescents have such a high percentage of alcoholism, and the various reasons that may indicate their predilection. Some of these reasons include:
• Genetic risk factors
• Biological markers
• Childhood behavior
• Psychiatric disorders
• Suicidal behavior
• Parenting, family environment, and peers
• Trauma
• Expectancies
• Advertising
Harmful side effects of alcoholism in adolescents include:
• Drinking and driving
• Risky and coercive sexual behavior
• Victimization and risky behavior
• Delayed puberty and bone growth
Austin rehabilitation center: help prevent and cure this vile vice
Alcohol abuse can be a singularproblem or be coupled with other high-risk behaviors. Determining what influences and invokes drinking in youth is the key to patient-specific rehabilitation. There is a need to develop a better understanding of the alcohol treatment need of youth. Specialized diagnostic and assessment instruments are being designed which would aid in providing rehab programs for young adults.

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