Cool gifts which you need to get your hands into

Gifts are never meant for yourself. You buy them so that you can present them to others. However, not all gifts offer the same value. So you need to get your hands on cool gifts. Those gifts are called cool because they are useful, handy and better when compared to other gifts at a similar price.

You can present them with your family, relatives or partner so that they can put those gifts to use. Now there are numerous such gifts available in the market? Which one to buy? If you have a plenty of money, you can buy all you want. But this article would detail about top three gifts currently trending in the market.
Top three cool gifts
• Plush character backpacks for young ones
• Multi-purpose castle play tents
• Portable pocket guitar
Plush character backpacks for kids
Kids always want something which could entertain them. For the same purpose, you can gift your kid a plush character backpack. It doesn’t only entertain him, but also helps him/her carry books, water bottles, books and other stuffs to school. She/he can carry all small stuff and toys in these backs. The bag comes painted with Superman symbols to attract him/her even more. Kids always love comic characters, especially Superman.
Multi-purpose castle play tents
This is counted amongst one of the best cool gifts for kids or infants. The tent, made of quality material, is foldable and can be set anywhere on the ground, indoor or outdoor. Kids can play it with dolls, toys, etc.
Portable pocket guitar
This is a product specially built for music lovers who loves to travel. This guitar can be carried anywhere they wish to, yet give the almost same feel of a real guitar. So, it can beat several other cool gifts currently trending in the music market.

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