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Facebook messenger
Mobile phones are completely full of the apps apk. If you check the mobile apps then you can watch number of apk running and downloaded. Now usually the apps are downloaded from the Playstore and the Appstore but they need an email address for downloading. So a different option of the downloading is available which does not ask for any email address. You can simply visit the site and download the app which you need to.

One such android apps download is Facebook messenger. It is also available for download. The android app is similar to texting but it is quite an easy and better one. It allows you to reach to someone in your life directly. They can easily work with the data plan and is also accessible by the Wi-Fi. You don’t need to pay for each and every message that you send. For using the Facebook messenger app you need to have a Facebook account through which it is linked. You can directly come in touch with people from your phone book. It is easy to enhance and call people with your Facebook messenger. It is not necessary that for chatting you need to be friends on the Facebook. You can easily chat with them, make group. Groups can be named and the group snap can be set up. Moreover, you can chat with all of them at the same time.

This interesting app is very easily available with the original version and you can download apk for it. The chat heads are provided which keeps the conversation going when you are using the app. The free calls facility is also provided which allows you to talk as long as you can and they prove to be free when you are using them over Wi-Fi. Get the app easily and fast.

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