Solving Crossword puzzle help: Need help?

Crossword is one of the most popular word games. crossword puzzle help consists of a square or rectangular grid, in which you need to fill out words or phrases by cracking the clues provided. They are usually published in daily and weekly newspapers and magazines.

How to fill a crossword puzzle?
The squares containing the first letters of the words are numbered, referring the corresponding clues. Words maybe placed from left to right, right to left, top to bottom and bottom to top. The direction is provided along with the clue, commonly marked as across (Horizontal) and down (Vertical).
The clues might be synonyms, direct questions, anagrams, incomplete quotes, and hints about famous people or regarding current affairs, etc. that hints the crossword puzzle answers.
History of crossword puzzles
Crossword puzzle solving is believed to have started in the 19th century in England. There are different types as follows.
• Free form crossword puzzles – Found in children’s books containing grids of different shapes and forms.
• Standard crossword puzzles – square shaped grids usually 15×15 squares of forms
• Cryptic crossword puzzles – involves word play in which the clues provide alternate ways to find the word.
Crossword puzzle answers
The answers for the puzzle are usually published in the next edition of the newspaper or magazine. Sometimes if we get one answer right, we can solve the rest easily, since the words in the box share common alphabets.

Are you stuck with just one word? Do you feel like you almost solved it but couldn’t get it out? No need to worry!! Many websites provide free service of crossword quiz answers. Crossword puzzle help can be sought in many ways like:
• Completely filled puzzles of dailies and weeklies up to date
• Missing letter words
• Solving specific clues
Nothing feels as good as starting your day with a filled crossword box. All the best!!!

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