Rolex eh!

There is one “big” uncle of mine who always flashes his big cars, big 4 floor houses for 4 people (stupid), big TVs, big watches (No, costly watches), and all that big has made his lovely big wife very big. So, you kind of get the situation I am in, don’t you? The actual problem is not that he has those big stupid things, but he tries to show them off whenever he gets a chance to put some words out of his big mouth. For him, it’s always him.

No one else should be involved in the conversation as long as he is standing in the area of within 100mtrs of that place of the conversation. And it’s extremely irritating; I am telling you if it is written in my fate that someone is going to be killed with these lovely hands of mine I assure that there are a ninety percent chance that it is going to be him and him only. I have never encountered a person like this in my entire lifespan of 20 years which I already feel like its very long for me. Okay, I am calmed down. But something has to be done. I have got to do something to shut his “big” mouth.

I have been thinking about this for a while and still couldn’t figure out anything, so I asked my best friend who answers all the weird questions I have in my empty mind, Google. So yes, there are people who have suffered from this type of cancer and they have suggested a treatment for it. Ever heard of luxury replica watches or men’s replica watches. Same here, I also read this word for the first time. If you get it, I ordered one for me as it was reasonably priced, a Rolex, and I wore it every single day whenever I used to see him. Guess what, you know the rest, and problem solved!

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