Pictoword – A mind game

Pictoword is a mind game and it is enjoyed by all age groups from 7 years to 70 years or above. It is a type of exercise of your brain which help in increase the power of logical side as well as creative side. You also can take good decision for your life because you are less confused that other people. If you can’t solve any level of pictoword game that you can get pictoword answers fromgoogle because there is no pictoword cheats. Here in this article you know very much about pictoword game.

Cofounder and it’s releasing date
Pictoword is a word game and its cofounder is kooapps. This game is released on 1 March 2013 and it is available only in English language. Pictoword is available for two system that is iOS and Android.
How to play
In Pictoword, the player read two pictures to build a word. The riddles can be a mix of the photos for example a photo of an ear and another photo of ring become earring another example is a picture of taxi and another of dough become tuxedo.
Features of pictoword
The features of pictoword game is are as follows.
Different theme: Pictoword is available on internet and Google play store and it comes in many different theme and all are different like food, animal, celebrities, cities, countries etc. and you can play pictoword according to your choice but you need to unlock the them by collecting coins.

Easy to handle: Pictoword is easily handle by anyone because there is no such trick use into play game so everyone easily uses it by their own.
Challenging puzzles: All you know that pictoword is a puzzle game as you stated to play the challenge are easy but as you clear levels that the other levels become more challenging.
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