How to get a credible employment agency (僱傭中心)

Getting maids for house chores is not an unusual and uncommon act in recent times. Although this can be done by an individual. This means that if you need a maid, you could recruit one by yourself. But, it is more stressful and very unlikely that you will get the specific one you want. Another option on this, which is actually better is going through the employment agency (僱傭中心).

To get an agency that will provide you with the best maid, you must be sure that the credibility of the company is sound. Now that all transactions are done online, the credibility is even more important. You must be sure that what the agency is actually what it claims to be. So you should be able to identify a credible agency.
You may ask; which employment center is good? (僱傭中心邊間好). Check all the revelations of the company. Be sure that they are all factual. It is not compulsory that you hear the name everywhere. You only need a little search on the name of the company. If you use the search engine on the internet, some information relating to what you have heard should pop up.
You can go further to know the name of the owner of the agency. Then, use the search engine again for that. You should get a real person’s information. The company should also have an address that you can visit for verification. There should be a contact number that you could call to inquire and ask questions.
The best agency will always add references and testimonials to their site. These are comments from real people with names and contacts on the site. You can just reach those people to confirm what the company has posted on their page. When all proves true, meet the agency and request for your maid.

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