How good is Sons of Anarchy Seasons?

Sons of Anarchy often referred to as SAMCRO (Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club Redwood Original) is a large organization comprised of different divisions called chatters. Each chatter is composed of about a dozen members and it is free to manage itself however, they choose. While the chatters are free, they all follow a general line dictated by the main chatter known as Redwood Original. The show focuses on SAMCRO, which is actually an outlaw motorcycle club. You get to learn that there is so much more than being an outlaw gang. There is a system behind SAMCRO, it is not just about riding around and randomly shooting people.

It is considered to be based on the famous Hell’s Angel Motorcycle Club (HAMC). From the way they run business, to the brotherhood between them and the way they deal with their problems, it all is just so intriguing to watch. The characters in the show are incredibly fleshed out, not just the main characters, which the show mostly revolve around, but also the supporting cast. You get to know them and their relationships. While following the show, you get to a point where you know the rules of the club, and you fully understand what needs to be done in any situation, which gets you immersed in their world.

The series is so fascinating and filled with so much reality, given that anyone can die at any time. Each death in SAMCRO feels so much more meaningful. Another thing that makes the show most compelling is the payoffs. At some point you find yourself in earnest need for the show to do something, getting it gives you so much joy because it is worth it. Sons of Anarchy box set has seven seasons, all of which are amazing and captivating that you would not want to miss a thing.

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