How Automatic Instagram Likes Can Benefit Your Business

Since its introduction in 2010, Instagram has turned into one of the top social networking sites online. Produced by millions of people daily (in April 2013, about 100 million users per month), from artists to photographers, lovers of TV shows to major businesses, Instagram is an ideal way to share visual information in a moment. Instagram is an “online mobile photo-sharing, video-sharing, and social networking” site which allows members post their videos and snapshots, then share them with customers not just in Instagram itself, but on other popular sites including Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr.

Users only snap a photo with a digital camera or phone, edit the image to correct it or add visual effects, and then upload the photo to the website, where it is immediately displayed. Members can follow the posts of others, and possess their automatic instagram posts show up automatically on their feed. They can then “such as” uploads, developing a community of Instagram users that can grow exponentially as friends of friends discover one another through reading their friends’ favorite “follows” and “likes.”
Most large corporations and brands possess a presence on Instagram. In actuality, when developing an internet character, Instagram is thought to be among the most important places to construct an online presence together with Facebook, Twitter, and a business website. It has become such a common practice for businesses to have an Instagram accounts, the website even has a site specializing in utilizing Instagram to promote business, which provides tips and tips for how to use their service, as well as examples which other corporations have place.

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