Hacking Wi-Fi password was never been this easy

What is Wi-Fi?
Wi-Fi is basically a facility, which allows computers, laptops, smart phones and other devices to access Internet connection. It uses radio waves and gives connectivity. Wi-Fi uses a wireless adaptor to give this connectivity. It has a router also. We can connect the internet via WALN And a wireless access point. There is some Wi-Fihack that we will learn afterwards.

What is Wi-Fi password?
Each and every Wi-Fi is protected by some passwords. We use these passwords to protect our Wi-Fi connection and to protect our Wi-Fi from hacking because there are many Wi-Fihackeris there who can hack your system in no time.
Hacking Wi-Fi passwords
By hacking Wi-Fi password of somebody, we can access their Internet connection and can use that Internet of them. Though this is not good to use others Wi-Fi here, we will know some tips and tricks of hacking.

How to hack someone’s Wi-Fi? Some tricks and tips are here
There are some tips to follow for hacking some body’s Wi-Fi password. Here are some such tips for you.
1. You have to de-authenticate the user from his or her legitimate AP.
2. Then the next step is allowing the user to authenticate to your evil twin.
3. Then you need to offer them a proxy website where it is written that a “firmware update” has been taken place.
4. Then they have to authenticate again.
5. Then the Wi-Fi password will be sent to the Wi-Fi password hacker directly while the user will know nothing. That’s why this process is safe.
This is how one can hack Wi-Fi password easily. You have to remember that this is illegal to hack someone’s password. This thing must be used for educational and security purpose only.
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