Free pokemon coins make game even more interesting

Pokémon go game has already created a buzz among Pokémon lovers and taken the world by the storm. But, how does the game start? After downloading augmented app, players need to open an account. Once they log in their account, a brief intro would be given by the dreamy professor willow.

Then players would be told basic tips and guidelines, inform about map and location of the game. After that game is completely yours. Then you decide how to carry it out.

• Parts of pokemon go game:
It has basically three parts-
1. Catch pokemon,
2. Do visit pokestops and
3. Gym battle.
Before you go to pokemon hunting, you would have to create their incarnation. Choose skin eye and hair color along with outfit design for making virtual representation of you. This new avatar would appear in virtual world in order to move forward the game.
1. Catch pokemon
Catching pokemon is the most exciting part of this game and probably every player loves capturing Pokémon’s which are reside surrounding the locality. What you need to do is roaming around the locality with your app open iOS /android phone and while you see pokemon just throw the poke ball by flicking the screen button.
2. Do visit pokestops
Pokestops is a landmark stop for halting from where players can collect the essential items like egg, pokeballs, and potions, revive etc. Just tap the item and acquire these. If players win gym battle pokecoins are offered for victory.
3. Gym battle
At the level five players have to involve in gym battle. Players enter into gym with the aim of lowering gym’s prestige and once it gets lower than zero- gym becomes you. But if it’s not battle would continue until one pokemon faints down.
If players manage to collect free pokemon coins, game battle becomes more interesting and motivating. click here to get more information buy pokemon go account.

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